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The Building

Enjoy performances on our stage during recitals and open mic nights!

The Lobby, Cafe and Performance Stage The Piano Studio

Learn how to play the piano in our famous Piano Studio Lab

The Piano Studio

Gift Certificates are available!
Check with us at the Front Desk or call us at (815) 623-1000 for details.

Free Wi-Fi The Broadcast Mic

We are Masters in teaching everything from music to art to academics, with professional & proficient Instructors, one-on-one or classroom environments.


Owner &

Susan Gorman, Owner and Instructor We have Personable Instructors, specializing In Youth Instruction. We are dedicated to helping everyone, both kids and adults, enjoy and learn music, art and academics.

When are we open?
We are open for the convenience of our students.
Hours vary from day to day but generally...

We're currently

Mon.-Fri. 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

(We are closed all national holidays.)

Instruments What do we teach?
PIANO, VOICE, VIOLIN, GUITAR, DRUMS, clarinet, flute, ukelele, trumpet, harp... and much more!

What other instruction do you offer?
We also have Art Classes and Academic Tutoring!

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Guitars for Rent and Sale What other services do we offer? Instrument sales and rentals, from keyboards to violins to guitars and drum pads with sticks.
($20.00/mo. + $20.00 deposit)

Rentals are great for testing the waters before investing in your own.

We also offer piano tuning (Discounted for our students, of course!) If your piano hasn't been tuned in more than a year, call us! Playing on an out of tune piano will affect a student's developing ear.

Help your piano keep its value - Have it tuned annually!

Several students have received music scholarships...
Our latest, Edward Gallagher, received $16,000 for one full year of tuition at an engineering school.

As they progress in their studies they can advance into ensemble playing. This takes good concentration and dedication to fellow musicians. It provides enjoyment and entertainment as well as an excellent source for rhythm study.

Every lesson is video and audio recorded.

This provides security for our parents as well as enabling our master instructor to view each and every lesson and provide valuable feedback to our other instructors.
Our instructors are very skilled and work as a team so that they are interchangeable. This makes it easier for us to work around your busy schedules.

Proud Recital Participants What kind of events do we have? We have two annual recitals and they are fabulous! Students and instructors perform and are always wonderful.

Check out our Facebook site if you missed instructors' performances.

Next Up: The Spring Recital in May, 2013

Check out our on-site Book Store

Students have been enjoying the availability of new material at their fingertips. Anyone is welcome to purchase from our book store.

plus tax

If your student is struggling with note recognition and you'd like to help them out, we have flash cards available for practicing.

with tax

To help you stay organized we have totebags available. They come in various colors with white lettering, and are the perfect size for keeping all your lesson books and materials together.

The Book Store Totebags
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