Our Team

Suzie is a piano, violin, viola, cello, harp, ukulele, guitar, drum, voice and bass teacher in the Rockford area

Susan Gorman

Owner and Master Instructor

Susan is a pianist, woodwind specialist, harpist, violinist, violist, cellist, guitarist, trained vocalist and percussionist. As a young adult, she had the opportunity of travelling with several bands, one of which led her to her mentor, Loretta Lynn. Returning home to be with family and raise her children, she spent her time in business management for ten years. Following that, she ran a daycare business for ten additional years. During that time, she also worked for several years as a youth and teen counsellor, children's choir director, bell choir leader, drama leader and home-school teacher (Kindergarten through 12th grade), and is currently a worship team leader at her church. Coupled with child psychology classes, all of these experiences brought together the dream of Piano Tunes Music Academy.

Susan has a Master Certification in Music Theory, Harmony and Ear Training, and a Diploma in Piano Tuning.

We have talented and enthusiastic instructors that specialize in many different instruments. We work as a team, so that our instructors are interchangeable. One can pick up a lesson exactly where another left off the previous week. This makes it easier for us to work around your busy schedules!

Lizzie teaches parent tot classes for toddlers in the Roscoe/Rockford area

Parent-Tot Classes & Voice

Lizzie has been a part of PTMA for over 9 years. With her bubbly personality, she's great with children of all ages and always has a smile on her face. The tots especially love her! She performs in musicals with #, dances at # and has a passion for teaching children to grow to love music. She hopes to one day #.

Megan is a voice teacher, as well as piano near Rockford

Voice, Piano, Summer Camps & Overnighters

Megan has volunteered her time in many ways helping others - here at our academy as well as the community. Megan genuinely cares for her students. Her attention to detail is great for lesson planning for younger students. She has performed in IMEA several years and has performed as a pianist and vocalist solo, in groups and in musicals. She hopes to become a music therapist.

Matt teaches lessons in bass and guitar in the Rockton/Roscoe area

Bass & Guitar

Matt has been with Piano Tunes Music Academy for over 14 years. He has played guitar in local original funk/jazz bands. Matt has been studying music in college as he works toward becoming an electrical engineer. His sincere and fun personality make him a joy to work with. Matt has made his own personal original Sven Martin guitar and has repaired and refurbished guitars. After his Army career is over, he plans to start a funk or rock/heavy metal band.

Jack teaches guitar, bass and ukulele lessons near South Beloit

Guitar, Bass and Ukulele

Jack has been studying guitar and voice at PTMA for several years. His outgoing personality makes him able to make his students comfortable and eager to learn. Jack helps teach our ensemble groups as well as individual lessons. He loves to learn and teach! He finds ways to simplify music theory and the physical aspects of playing guitar for the benefit of his students.

Will teaches drums/percussion lessons near Rockford


Will's patient and friendly personality help even our youngest drum students feel at ease. He has been part of our musical family since 2011. He has performed publicly on numerous occasions. Will also plays in a band as well as an ensemble group weekly. He is confident and his assuring guidance will set you up for success.

Maddie offers lessons in guitar, bass, and ukulele and helps with our summer camps

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Camps & Overnighters

Maddie has volunteered in numerous ways to help others at PTMA and our community. She has performed numerous times as a vocalist, a solo guitarist and in an ensemble group. She has a special shine for working with children. Her sweet, calm demeanor enables our most delicate and sensitive students to achieve success.

Dan teaches piano lessons and saxophone lessons in the Rockford area

Piano & Saxophone

Mr. Dan has been involved in music since 5th grade, with alto and tenor saxophone. He studied piano lessons from Suzie for over 12 years. He is currently a worship team pianist. He has an Associates from Rock Valley College. His extraordinary patience and care for his students' achievements make him a fantastic instructor for students of all levels.

David teaches piano lessons near Machesney Park


David's wit and humor help bring out even the quietest of our students. His students become more confident and achieve their goals. He has performed as a soloist, accompanist, and in ensembles. Music theory is a passion when he composes his own music. He has been apart of our music family since 2009.

Gabe teaches drum lessons near Loves Park


Gabe's genuine, energetic and dedicated personality fits right in with the drum students - beginner to advanced! His thoroughness and competitive spirit bring out the best in his students. He has performed on the piano and continues his passion in music on the drums. He plays in bands as well as ensemble groups.

Devan teaches piano lessons, flute lessons and guitar and ocarina near Poplar Grove

Piano, Flute, Guitar and Ocarina

Devan started has been playing piano for over 17 years. She has an Associates Degree in Data Assurance and IT Security and DATA Assurance Cisco Networking. She has many ways of teaching and is sure to find a good fit for her students. She plays music not only for personal enjoyment, but for a sense of accomplishment.